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    Spring Creek Olympian 66A

SIRE: Springcreek All In 155Y
DAM: Springcreek Linne 33R
CSA NUMBER: 774968
OWNERs: Muirhead Cattle Co. & Canadian Sires

IN 2014:

     Ultra Livestock
     Black Sand
     Rancier Farms
     KRS Simmentals
     Ter-Ton Farms
     Packett Brothers
     Maxwell Simmentals
    KWA Big Time 86A

SIRE: MRL Integrity 76Y
DAM: Double Bar D Pixie 75T
CSA NUMBER: 794111
OWNERs: Deeg Simmentals, Lewis Farms & Canadian Sires

IN 2014:

     Lockhart Valley Simmentals
     Perkin Land & Cattle
     Spring Lake Simmentals
    NUG Royal Red 324A

SIRE: LFE Black Lakota 385W
DAM: Triple C Smarty Pants R
CSA NUMBER: 791329
OWNERs: Meadow Acres & Canadian Sires

semen available in 2015, Thank you to all the progressive breeders that bought exclusive packages on royal red in 2014:
     Sunny Valley Simmentals
     Robb Farms
     Erixon Simmentals
     Jaydawn Farms
     Black Sand
     Spring Creek Simmentals
     Beechinor Bros
    come as u r red rocket

DAM: Miss Xciting 14X
CSA NUMBER: 783573
OWNERs: Rust Mountain View Ranch & Canadian Sires

Red Rocket is one of the most interesting red bulls to come by for some time as he was the high selling Simmental in the Fall of 2013 through the Friday Night Lights Sale to Rust Mountain View Ranch and Canadian Sires for $87,500. The quest to find an outcross red bull that is still backed by a great cow family and powerful phenotype has lead us to Red Rocket. His pedigree is considered outcross to many of the mainstream Simmental genetics but is still stacked with predictability of donor females that have had a very influential part of the success of the Come As U R & MRL programs. Red Rocket is a powerful individual that was declared the 2013 Grand Champion Bull at both the Canadian Western Agribition and Brandon Ag-Ex. His massive rib shape and soft made look has been admired by many astute cattleman and after combining that with his overall stoutness and natural muscle shape throughout with an attractive look, it makes Red Rocket one of the most complete individuals available on the open market. 
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Canada & Australia $80/10 doses - $70/30 doses - $60/50 doses Available March 2014 Email

CSA NUMBER: 775135    
OWNERs: Westway Farms Ltd., Springer Simmentals, R Plus Simmentals

R PLUS RELOAD 2006Z was the past $65,000 sale feature and high seller in the 2013 R Plus Sale to Westway Farms Ltd. & Spring Simmentals. RELOAD packs it all together with the phenotype, proven pedigree and strong set of EPD’s combined into a very complete package. His sire, Hard Rock was a past high seller who represents an outcross pedigree and has sired some heavy muscled and big-topped cattle. His dam, IPU 1T is a beautiful Baron daughter that was selected from the renowned Labatte program. RELOAD himself has the overall balance to sire offspring with extra hair, style, stoutness, muscle, length and structural soundness to be show and sale toppers. Make sure to check out RELOAD’s excellent EPD’s that round out the marketability behind this new and exciting red herd sire.
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Canada & Australia $80/10 doses - $70/30 doses - $60/50 doses Available March 2014 Email

CSA NUMBER: 749239     
OWNERs: Westway Farms Ltd.

MUIRHEADS LIGHTS OUT 4Y was the $41,000 high seller that represents an outcross red package that puts it all together. His dam, 211S has generated over $150,000 in sales and LIGHTS OUT has been her highest accomplishment to date. His sire, Temptation is notorious for his excellent maternal strength and leaving the most beautiful udders in the breed. LIGHTS OUT will add a dark red hair coat, extension through the front end, softness of rib and flank, muscle shape and overall thickness over his top. He is sound footed, clean jointed and has left excellent bull & heifer calves in his first calf crop. After combining all that with his solid set of EPD’s, look to LIGHTS OUT to be a sire that is around for a very long time.
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Canada $80/10 Doses, $70/30 Doses or $60/50 Doses Alta Genetics Email
    IPU Diablo 41Y

SIRE: KOP Crosby 137W
DAM: IPU Ms Red Teddy 59T
CSA NUMBER: 753020
OWNER: Erixon Simmentals

IPU DIABLO 41Y was the feature bull from the LaBatte 2012 Sale and a high seller at $25,000. DIABLO is homozygous polled and backed by a great cow family and the breed leading Crosby. Crosby has made his mark in the industry and DIABLO would be one of his largest accomplishments to date. DIABLO’s dam, 59T is a beautiful uddered female that is flat out good and she goes back to no other than Pocahontas 68M (full sister to Pocahontas 52N). DIABLO himself is really impressive phenotypically and has a great hair coat, lots of stoutness, big hip and large testicles. His first calves look very exciting and are coming with calving ease and vigor. Look to use DIABLO as a versatile herd sire that combines ease of calving with overall performance and functionality.
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Canada $60/20 Doses or $50/30 Doses Alta Genetics Email
    Kuntz Super Duty 4Y

SIRE: NCB Red Suspect 30S
DAM: Miss R Plus 7037T
CSA NUMBER: 747559
OWNERS: Deeg Simmentals, Kuntz Simmentals &
USA Semen Rights: Rust Mountain View Ranch
Thank you to Rust Mountain View Ranch for purchasing the USA Semen Rights on Super Duty

Due to an untimely death, SUPER DUTY semen is in limited quantity. SUPER DUTY is the $39,000 phenom that possesses a proven and outcross pedigree. His dam, 7037T is a beautiful uddered female that has been very productive in her lifetime. She raised a $15,500 female to Sharian Farms as well as the Stockade Grand Champion Bull, Conspiracy who in turn is a full sib to SUPER DUTY. He puts it all together in a complete package to add performance to their programs and not sacrifice maternal strength. Look for SUPER DUTY to add natural rib shape, softness, structural correctness and overall balance in a powerful package with a strong maternal lineage backing him.

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Canada and Australia $80/10 doses :: $70/30 doses :: $60/50 doses Alta Genetics Email

SIRE: Harvie JDF Wallbanger 111X
DAM: LRX Ms Ace 10X
CSA NUMBER: 766393
OWNERs: Mader Ranches, Pioneer Simmentals &
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LRX The Godfather 141Z was the high selling bull at Robb Farms 2013 Bull Sale for $40,000. The Godfather was born at 88 lbs from a first calver on February 13th and weaned at 900 lbs on September 3rd with yearling stats of 1525 lbs and 41cm scrotal. This homozygous polled herd sire combines calving ease while still displaying a wide top, big square hip and thick dark red hair coat with an exceptionally mild temperament and above average scrotal development for his age. His dam and grand dam are two of Robb's very good young cows that are proving to be future cornerstone females. His sire, Wallbanger has been one of the most impressive young sires in the breed and The Godfather is one of his most complete and exciting sons to date. The Godfather's stacked EPD's put him in the top 30% for CE, 40% for BW, 3% for WW, 2% for YW, 15% for MCE and 35% for MWW. Look to The Godfather to be a breed improver with his unparalleled phenotype, awesome genotype and curve bending set of EPD's.
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Canada Currently sold out of Godfather semen, thank you to all that bought packages.

SIRE: SVF Steel Force S701
DAM: Lazy H Burn Baby Burn
CSA NUMBER: 2588018
OWNERs: Forest Brook Farms and Griswold Cattle Co.

Homozygous Polled and Homozygous Black - With the unmistakable style of Steel Force and the infamous Burn Baby Burn backing him, Combustible is sure to light this industry on fire. Arguably the stoutest Steel Force son in the breed, this majestic baldy is a striking combination of eye-catching elegance and real world functionality. His extraordinary structural soundness and ease of movement is made more impressive by his ideal bone mass, foot shape and muscle pattern. He possesses tremendous power, capacity and rib shape, as well as an unmatched quiet disposition. To top it off, he’s both homozygous polled and homozygous black. 
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Canada $80/10 Doses, $70/20 Doses or $60/30 Doses Alta Genetics Email
    rf Double Up 37W

CSA NUMBER: 708321
OWNERs: Rancier Farms & Ter Ron Farms

Homozygous Polled & Homozygous Black - RF DOUBLE UP 37W is the maternal giant with a predictable pedigree filled with some of the hardest working, nicest uddered, consistent producing cows in the breed. His dam is in the Rancier donor program and was the 2008 National Champion female. His grand dam, Flirt 6P, was the 2006 National Champion Female as well as the 2006 World Simmental Congress Champion Female. DOUBLE UP sires dam, SOSF Ebony's Joy, has well over a half million dollars in progeny sales and is one of the most famous cows in the breed. His sire, Intuition, proved his predictability siring very consistent calf crops and beautiful uddered females. DOUBLE UP's sire and dam were both Supreme Champions over all breeds at the 2008 Farmfair International. DOUBLE UP is deep bodied, big topped, has great hair, big testicles and an unbeatable disposition. If you are looking for a sire to put it all together and improve udder quality, DOUBLE UP is the sure thing.
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Canada $70/10 Doses, $60/20 Doses or $50/30 Doses Alta Genetics Email
    WFL Absolute 51Y

CSA NUMBER: 754744
OWNERs: Rancier Farms

Homozygous Polled & Heterozygous Black - WFL ABSOLUTE 51Y is a sleep easy, calving ease bull that ranks in the top 1% for CE and 1% for BW epd. This homozygous polled Strait Up son was a $14,500 high seller out of the WFL bull sale.  ABSOLUTE brings an outcross pedigree to our program that includes many greats sires like 514N and Black Edge as well as the Amber cow family.  His dam is a leading Edge daughter from WFL that is hard working and structurally sound. ABSOLUTE is a hairy, big bodied bull, that is structurally awesome and has lots of testicle. Use him with confidence in the heifer pen, his first set of 17 calves averaged 71 pounds and were all born off of first calf heifers.
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Canada $50/10 Doses or $40/30 Doses Alta Genetics Email
    NCB Cobra 47Y

Sire: LFE Viper 455U
Dam: NCB Miss Dream 22T
cSA Number: 755730
Owners: Deeg Simmentals, Lewis Farms and
Eastern Canada Rights:
Reay's Unlimited

NCB COBRA 47Y is one of the most complete calving ease Simmental bulls to surface in some time. His proven pedigree combined with his flawless presence makes him a truly unique breeding piece. COBRA will add maternal strength as he is backed by some of the most predictable cow families in the breed. Cobra’s first set of calves have been very well accepted as he sired the Lloydminster Champion Bull & Agribiition Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf that was later sold at Agribition for $10,500 to Mader Ranches. Look to COBRA to strengthen foot structure and overall soundness while adding extra hair, depth of body and eye appeal in a very well balanced package.
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Canada $50/10 Doses or $40/30 Doses Alta Genetics Email
SIRE: R Plus Hard Rock 145X
DAM: Mader P Iron Sugar 7X
CSA NUMBER: 766729
OWNERs: 5 Corner Cattle Co.

Honey Badger 5Z was the highest selling bull at Mader Ranches 2013 bull sale. He exceeds in both genotype and phenotype, and is one of the most powerfully constructed bulls they have sold. Honey Badger has created quite a track record so far for himself. He and his dam, Iron Sugar, were declared Grand Champion Simmental Female at both Olds Fall Classic, and Edmonton’s Farmfair! Honey Badger himself was also Reserve Grand Champion Bull at Farmfair! The pair then also went on to making top 5 finalist in the Supreme at Farmfair, and were amongst the top 10 finalists in Western Canada in the RBC Beef Supreme at Agribition! His dam has become one of the most prolific females on the whole farm, as she is perfect uddered, extremely sound structured, and has lots of extension throughout.  Honey Badger moves like a cat! He is so powerful when he gets oåut and travels as he has a great big foot, excellent flex to his pasterns, is so stout hipped and really has that attractive and functional skeletal to him. Homo Black. Homo Polled
Qualified For CDN Price Location of semen Order semen
Canada $50/10 Doses or $40/20 Doses Alberta Email
SIRE: Anchor D Viper 103W
DAM: South Seven Miss 53X
CSA NUMBER: 771392
OWNERs: Tim McVicar, Lakeview Simmentals & Canadian Sires

Smooth Polled Full Fleckvieh.  SUNNY VALLEY DAKOTA 9Z was the high selling fullblood bull at Sunny Valley's 2013 bull sale.  DAKOTA 9Z hit the ground at just 86 lbs, and weaned off his two year old mother at 900 lbs and continued to develop into a stout, smooth made bull with a big top and a lot of muscle shape. DAKOTA 9Z is clean in his lines, gets out and moves on a big solid foot.  He was mothered by an awesome young cow with a tremendous future, who has arguably the best udder on the place. She is proving to be a great producer and has once again raised an awesome son in 2013 and will be a feature in their bull sale.  With Viper now deceased, these genetics are hard to come by.  Viper is easily the most consistent fullblood bull we have used in recent years. DAKOTA 9Z is smooth polled but has the thickness and performance of a horned bull.  Here is a bull that we feel has a lot to offer to the industry.
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Canada, USA & Australia $50/10 Doses or $40/30 Doses Alta Genetics Email
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