Limited and Rare Sires

Our limited quantity section features semen from all breeds that is not on the general market and is low in supply and high in demand. Contact Canadian Sires for prices and availability for each sire.


  • N Bar Emulation EXT
  • HF Kodiak 5R
  • S A V 004 Density 4336 (sexed female)
  • S A V Final Answer 0035
  • S A V Net Worth 4200
  • Connealy Freightliner
  • O C C Legacy 839L
  • Sitz Alliance 6595
  • Leachman Right Time
  • Vermilion Dateline


  • Anchor B The Shmooze
  • RPY La Witness
  • RPY Payness Pipeline

PB Simmental

  • Leachman Bodybuilder
  • Wheatland Bull 680S
  • JS Sure Bet
  • Circle S Leachman 600U
  • S-Paw Mutual Fund
  • PFV-CW Rapid Fire 0195K
  • 3C Full Figures C288
  • SRS J914 Preferred Beef
  • ER Red Dash 649D
  • ER Red Deck 639D
  • Wheatland Bull 608S
  • Wheatland Red Ace 747T
  • Drake Poker Face 2X
  • WFL Commander 78R

FB Simmental

  • Double Bar D Spitfire 20X
  • Bar 5 FF Hexagon 412Y
  • Antonius 80L
  • Shawacres Jahari 50L
  • South Seven Mr Adonis 96Z
  • BLI Warlord 915W
  • Double Bar D Rival 201A