Limousin Embryos

These are an elite set of Limousin donors from some of the top breeders in Canada.

Greenwood Champagne Shower 27C

Sire: Greenwook PLD Zeppelin
Dam: Greenwood PLD Yeah Your Fun
Registration Number: CPF4082353
Owners: Greenwood Limousin & Canadian Donors

B Bar Polled Starburst

Sire: JYF Paladin
Dam: B Bar Nothin But Love
Registration Number: 0179988
Owners: B Bar Cattle

Starburst is a model Limousin female, moderate in her frame, sound structured, lots of muscle, very capacious and a sound udder. Daughters have been retained in the herd to carry on genetic strength and sons are always popular in the bull sale. Her son B Bar Cobalt 28Z was a feature bull to Pinnacle View Limousin in 2013. She blends calving ease, maternal attributes into a very eye appealing functional package!

EF Tickle My Fancy 570T

Sire: GPFF Blaque Rulon
Dam: SLVL DVFC Fancy Cookie
Registration Number: 1877274
Owners: Koyle Farms

Tickle My Fancy is the 2008 Canadian Show Female of the Year & 2009 Reserve Canadian Show Female of the Year and exemplifies the ideal Limousin female. This many time champion is a huge ribbed, big hipped, sweet fronted individual that is very attractive in her overall make-up. Tickle My Fancy will add marketability to her offspring as she passes down the very best Limousin genetics in the breed.

Koyle Uptown Girl

Sire: Highland Predator
Dam: Koyle Party Girl
Registration Number: 0190015
Owners: Carpenter Cattle Co., Koyle Farms and

Uptown Girl displays one of the softest middled, nicest hipped, heavy haired and cool made phenotypes in the Limousin breed. She has been a very competitive show female (2008 Reserve Senior Heifer Calf Champion Royal and Agribition & 2009 Canadian National Champion Yearling Female and First Lady Classic Champion) and has since gone out and dropped a beautiful udder and has been very productive. She is backed by a very strong cow family and is extremely complete made.

Anchor B Urban Girl

Sire: ROMN Made To Order
Dam: B Bar Red Pepper
Registration Number: 0192624
Owners: B Bar Cattle

In just a short period of time Urban Girl has become a phenomenal producing ROMN Made To Order female. This power house is thick, bold ribbed, stout with a flawless udder. Her performance, milk and scrotal epds are thru the roof. To date she has averaged $16,333 on three powerful herdsires. Her calves have been accepted in the show ring as well as in the sale ring by cattlemen of all breeds. Urban Girl has the phenotype, genotype and track record to take your program to the next level!

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