Order Embryos

To order embryos on any CanadianDonors.com female, feel free to contact Bohrson Marketing by email, fax or phone. Embryos will be released when payment is received and all Canadian customers will be subject to pay GST on the purchase price. Shipping & handling costs are those of the purchaser, if ordering by email, please specify how you would like your embryos shipped.

Bohrson Marketing Services
RR 4, Site 7, Box 28
Olds, Alberta
T4H 1T8
Phone: 403-940-3334 • Fax: 403-940-4016
Email: bohrsonmarketing@gmail.com

Number of embryos
2-3 embryos
1 embryo
4-5 embryos
2 embryos
6-7 embryos
3 embryos


For purchases of 8+ embryos please contact Bohrson Marketing for guarantees and discounted rates