Angus Semen


Registration Number: 1906246 (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Rust Mountain View Ranch, Brooking Angus Ranch & Canadian Sires

BROOKING FIREBRAND 6068 has the individual quality, elite pedigree of cow family, curve bending EPD’s to become one of the most dynamic breeding Angus sires in the industry. His dam, is a proven producer with her first daughter commanding $31,000 and her second calf, FIREBRAND a high selling bull in 2017 for $95,000. Every great bull is backed by a great cow family, and you will see the World Angus Forum Champions on the bottom side with Annie K 9165 & Annie K 6271. When combined with the impressive EA Rose 918 on the top side, many of the great Angus females are stacked up close in his pedigree. His sire, Bank Note has escalated in one of the most popular bulls in the business and FIREBRAND would be his largest breeding accomplishment to date. His stacked set of EPD’s ranks him in the top 1% for WW, YW, Milk, TM & CW … which is simply impossible to find. Phenotypically, FIREBRAND is as intriguing as can be, he is so well balanced and fault free standing in a strong foot with an athletic structure and will add presence, hair, thickness, scrotal and overall marketability to his calves.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder BROOKING FIREBRAND 6068 Semen
Canada25 doses for $2,500 OR $50 doses for $4,000 OR 100 doses for $7,000Alta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online


Registration Number: 1926676 (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: W Sunrise Angus, Brooking Angus Ranch & Canadian Sires

An impeccable pedigree, flawless phenotype and ideal EPD spread surrounds the great TRENDSPOTTER. He has a stacked pedigree with some of the very best Angus females of all time right up close including the great EA Rose 918 and the World Forum Champions,  Soo Line Annie K 9165 and Soo Line Annie K 6271. With Bank Note semen no longer on the open market, here is a son that can surely replace him and add the great Annie K influence while doing it. With just an 84 pound BW, he posts an impressive 919 WW and 1470 YW while sporting an impressive spread of EPDs that lands him in the top 1% for WW & TM, top 2% for YW, top 3% for CW, top 5% for Milk, top 10% for MCE, top 20% for MRB and top 30% for CE. It is hard, almost impossible to combine the number and impeccable pedigree that TRENDSPOTTER carries while his phenotype is possibly his biggest asset. Look for him to add muscle shape, stoutness, hair, depth of body, foot quality and overall soundness in an attractive package. We feel TRENDSPOTTER has an unlimited arsenal to offer the Angus industry and one of the most exciting bulls to hit the open semen market in some time.

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Canada$50.00 / Minimum 10 dose orderAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online


Sire: Connealy Earnan 076E
Dam: E A Rose 918
Registration Number: 1776488 (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Barry LaBatte, Oberle Circle 7, Rust Mountain View Ranch, Brooking Angus Ranch & Canadian Sires

BANK NOTE 4040 is the $125,000 phenom that we have all been waiting for! He is the performance bull that is stacked with maternal strength to increase value in both his sons and daughters. BANK NOTE 4040 is currently in the top 6% in 6 different categories and is in the top 1% in WW, YW & CW – top 3% in TM – top 5% in REA – top 6% in Marbling and is top 15% for Scrotal. His dam is the ideal Angus female that is impossible to fault, and she has shown her breeding potential through BANK NOTE and his maternal sister Rose 1019. BANK NOTE daughters should be perfect uddered, moderate framed, easy doing, high volume and very complete made. From the ground up, BANK NOTE is an impressively sound individual that will add extra muscle, stoutness, rib capacity in a very attractive package. He has won many banners in the show ring but his true value will be a big time producer for years to come.

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Semen no longer available in Canada.

KR Cash 4003

Registration Number: 17936421 (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Belvin Angus, Ring Creek Farms & Krebs Ranch

KR Cash 4003 was selected as a $40,000 High Seller out of the 2015 Krebs Ranch Bull Sale. As the lead off bull in their 2015 NWSS Reserve Champion Carload, he was admired for his power, length, body mass, bone and eye appeal. KR Cash 4003 combines the prolific Barstow Cash, who has sired numerous high sellers across the US, and Summitcrest Elba 1W01, a leading donor female in the Krebs program, who goes back to breed greats like Basin Max 602C and VRD. With his impressive phenotype, proven pedigree and excellent EPD profile, Cash 4003 is an exciting breeding piece for the Canadian market.

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Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Soo Line Motive 9016

Sire: HF Kodiak 5R
Dam: TLA Beauty 5R
Registration Number: 1504907 (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Shady Brook Angus Farm, Soo Line Cattle Co, Brooking Angus Ranch, Anderson Cattle Co, Thomason Angus, Wiwa Creek Angus

SOO LINE MOTIVE 9016 is one of the most consistent Angus bulls in the breeds history. The marketability that he adds to every calf is second to none compared to other bulls within the breed. MOTIVE 9016 was the lead bull in Soo Line’s 2010 NWSS Grand Champion Pen of Bulls and later went on to sell for $55,000 (1/2 interest) in the Bases Loaded Sale. MOTIVE boasts curve-bending EPD’s with a large spread from calving to yearling along with many other trait leaders. The phenotype that he has passed onto his calves is second to none; they have great extension with a smooth shoulder while possessing as much rib capacity, overall shape and stoutness as one can find in a calving ease sire. His big hoof, structural soundness, unmatched style and leaving his daughters with beautiful udders targets him as a great one within the industry. His dam, TLA Beauty 5R brought $45,000 to ZWT and is one of the most dominant cows in the industry while his sire, Kodiak sold for $150,000 and has been a dominant breeding piece. MOTIVE has left an impression in a few short years and the impact that he will leave into the future is probing to be unmatched. Check out his impressive EPD spread that compliments his consistent and highly marketable offspring. ORDER MOTIVE SEMEN TODAY TO QUALIFY FOR THE MOTIVE EVENT ON AUGUST 25, 2017!

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Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Musgrave Sky High 1535

Sire: Musgrave Big Sky
Dam: Flag Queen W 00649 (S A V 004 Density 4336)
Registration Number: 18194415
Owners: Cardinal Cattle Co, Cross Creek Farms Inc, Musgrave Angus

Sky High was the lead off and high selling bull of the 2016 Musgrave Angus Sale commanding $136,000. He is a stand out performance bull that uniquely combines stoutness, base width, and muscle with depth of fore rib, phenotype, and eye appeal second to none. From the ground up, Sky High has superior structural soundness and overall completeness. Individually he earned weaning and yearling ratios of 114 in a contemporary group of 91 head. His remarkable dam has earned a NR of 3@109 and BW ratio of 3@101. We are highly anticipating what Sky High has to offer to the entire industry.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Musgrave Sky High 1535 Semen
Canada$75.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Colburn Primo 5153

Sire: Dameron First Clas
Dam: Silveiras Saras Dream 1339 (Silveiras Style 9303)
Registration Number: 18217480
Owners: Colburn Cattle Co

Introducing the exceptional breeding piece, COLBURN PRIMO! He is the awesome new sire raised by Colburn Cattle Co, CA that has taken the Angus business by storm. He’s a product of one of Style’s most decorated daughters and the amazing Dameron First Class! First Class semen has consistently set records at $15,000/dose and Primo is arguably his best son to date. His bottom side is a stacked pedigree that goes back to the great Saras Dream. Primo’s full sister’s were some of the most dominating show heifers on the circuit. Limited supply of semen available in Canada and a great opportunity to add predictable and highly sought after genetics to your program.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Colburn Primo 5153 Semen
Canada$100.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Musgrave Aviator

Registration Number: 1750026
Owners: Poplar Meadows Angus

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Musgrave Aviator Semen
Canada$65.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online