Club Calf

Daddy’s Money

Sire: GOET I80
Dam: JSC Velvlet 112W
Registration Number: AMA # 427013 (3/4 MAINE) (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Griswold Cattle Co, Tolle Show Cattle, Woodlawn Farms, Jones Show Cattle

Daddy’s Money knows what it feels like to feel the slap of the winners circle! He was Champion bull in Kansas City, Louisville, and Denver, TRIPLE CROWN BOYS! Stout, moderate, low bw, 3/4 Maine and he’s PHA clean. With a 58 lb birth weight he’s a calving ease deluxe. Jones have 20 of his babies on the ground with nothing over 70 lbs. Here is your chance to breed a high Maine with quality!

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Daddy’s Money Semen
Canada$30/StrawAlta GeneticsOrder

I Deliver

Sire: GOET I80
Dam: Hokie
Registration Number: AMA # 443964 (3/4 MAINE) (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Griswold Cattle Co, Pryor Show Cattle, Reiman Ranches & Luke Doris

When Brycen and John took a roundabout way in getting to South Dakota this year and detoured through Wisconsin and the midwest. All anyone heard about at home is how good a calf Pryor had, I Deliver was one we just “had to own part of.” His dam is a full sister to Anita Loan, one of the most decorated females to ever enter the show ring. She won every show across the country for the Walker family.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder I Deliver Semen
Canada$30/StrawAlta GeneticsOrder