Red Angus


Sire: Red U-2 Reckoning 149A
Dam: Red U-2 Eevious 147X 
Registration Number: 1837648
Owners: Ter-Ron Farms, U-2 Ranch & Canadian Sires

We at Canadian Sires have waited a long time to invest in a Red Angus bull and when we came across RED U-2 RENOWN 193C, he hit you hard with that need to own presence backed by an outstanding cow family. Ter-Ron Farms fortunately partnered with us on him and we acquired him as the $75,000 high seller from U-2 Ranch. RENOWN is phenotypically one of the most complete beef sires in the industry and has an excellent foot, sound structure and overall attractiveness that sets him apart. His sire, Reckoning is leaving beautiful daughters and equally as strong sons for Six Mile Ranch and his semen just fetched $3-400/dose … these are genetics that are highly sought after. When you combine his excellent phenotype with a never-miss dam with a strong udder and very good foot, you have a sire that we feel can compliment the industry and add value to all that utilize him.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder RED U-2 RENOWN 193C Semen
Canada50 doses for $5,000Alta GeneticsOrder
USA50 doses for $5,000Alta GeneticsOrder