Simmental Semen

Black Simmental


Registration Number: 2654155
Owners: Griswold Cattle Co, Werning Cattle Co, Fenton Farms & Canadian Sires

This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime! When we had the opportunity to acquire a portion of the $240,000 (1/2 interest-no possession) W/C LOADED UP 1119Y, we jumped at it with great excitement. We are proud to offer a bull of this caliber to our friends and customers throughout Canada as he has been exclusively marketed south of the border in years past and commanding $600+(US)/dose. LOADED UP has raised more high selling progeny than any sire in the business today, to name a few – $90,500, $90,000, $65,000 and more between $30-50K than you can shake a stick at. Results don’t lie, LOADED UP has proven he is a potent breeding piece that increases value in all that utilize him … be a part of this breed leader as he enters the Canadian seedstock industry.

Qualified ForLocation of SemenOrder W/C LOADED UP 1119Y Semen
Canada10 for $1,500 :: 30 for $3,750 :: 50 for $5,000SOLD OUT (will restock in Fall 2017)
USACattleVisions.comSOLD OUT (will restock in Fall 2017)


Registration Number: 3045230
Owners: R&R, Rust, Kappes, Kearns


TKCC CARVER 65C has created a lot of excitement and energy, and it is to no surprise!! Phenotypically he is superior, as he exemplifies the quality traits that his lineage has been praised for. The $34,000 high selling bull in the recent Kearns Cattle Company Bull Sale. His list of accolades continues, as he was the lead off bull in the dominant 2016 NWSS Grand Champion Pen of Three Simmental Bulls. CARVER offers an unsurpassed look of balance, stoutness, and a flawless build. Let’s not forget that he comes from one of the most prominent and prolific Driver daughters in existence! His dam, Dolly, has become a household name due to her ability to generate multiple 5-figure herd sire prospects from an array of matings, while putting countless daughters back into production at Kearns Cattle Company. CARVER combines royalty on both sides of his pedigree, with consistency, predictability and most importantly, phenotypic excellence bred throughout. Use him to generate females that enhance your bottom-line, and bulls that excel in all facets of the business. Lean on CARVER to stamp his progeny with that unprecedented three-dimensional look that is demanded!

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Sire: W/C LOCK DOWN 206Z
Registration Number: 1166411
Owners: Yardley Cattle Co, Windy Hill Livestock & Canadian Sires


WS STEPPING STONE B44 is hands down one of the most exciting sires to enter the Simmental herd book. The breeding potential is endless with this flawless made sire, his curve-bending EPD’s combined with one of the most impressive phenotypes ensures you to invest with confidence. Early reports on STEPPING STONE are as positive and encouraging as I have ever heard. We have the utmost confidence in Stepping Stone and so does the owner, Gib Yardley, this is what he wrote about him:

“This is one of the best purebred Simmental bulls I have ever seen. I am 82 years old and have seen as many bulls as anyone in the country. I am one of the fussiest bull buyers in America and a bull has to be about perfect for me to buy him. This fancy bull is so deep ribbed, square hipped, full of muscle and red meat. He is big topped, wide based, clean fronted, and clean sheathed. He is very sound on his feet and legs and carries himself well. He has a topnotch set of EPD’s and is a HERD BULL SUPREME. Out of a 1st calf heifer and the great WS Step Up X27. “ – Gib Yardley

Qualified ForLocation of SemenOrder WS STEPPING STONE B44 Semen
Canada10 for $1,000 :: 30 for $2,700 :: 50 for $4,000Order

RF Merchant 481B

Sire: Mr Hoc Broker
Dam: TLG Flirtin With You 16S
Registration Number: 1123550
Owners: Windy Hill Livestock & Canadian Sires

RF MERCHANT 481B will add athleticism, foot quality and overall soundness with style, smoothness, balance and natural dimension in a very complete black baldy package. The strong talents that MERCHANT possesses is what many have been seeking for as he moves so freely on a large foot and has an attractive presence about him, all doing so without sacrificing performance. His pedigree stacks up as one of the most dominant in the North America show ring success but more importantly, the influence that Broker & Flirtin With You 16S have had in the sale ring is unmatched. Broker needs no introduction as he was a many time champion himself and is producing sale toppers on both sides of the border. Flirtin With You 16S was a dominant winner including FarmFair Supreme and Agribition Championships but that is all behind her now as she is now being recognized as one the most potent breeding females in the breed. Recently her sons have brought $52,000, $47,500, $29,000 with a daughter at $25,000. MERCHANT has the added length, style, sweep to his rib, balance and overall soundness that is hard to come by and secured with a great pedigree profile.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder RF Merchant 481B Semen
Canada$50.00Alta GeneticsOrder
USA$50.00Cattle VisionsOrder

RF Captain Black 430B

Sire: SVS Captain Morgan
Dam: TLG Flirtin With You 16S
Registration Number: 1116433
Owners: Deeg Simmentals, Muirhead Cattle Co. & Canadian Sires

Homozygous Polled :: Homozygous Black ::
Combining big-time performance with extra maternal strength is no easy task but CAPTAIN BLACK accomplishes that rather successfully. We all strive to acquire the next breeding tool that can sire desirable sons that perform heavily and also produce daughters who will be stand out replacement females … CAPTAIN BLACK fits the bill to do exactly that! He stems from 2 of the most dominant individuals in Canada and represents a never-miss pedigree. His sire, Captain Morgan is the $190,000 breeding sensation that is currently off the open semen market and has recently sold for $725/dose. His dam, Flirtin With You 16S is the cornerstone of the Rancier program and is one of the most potent breeding sensations in the Simmental breed today. Her line-up of accomplishments is surreal to say the least and CAPTAIN BLACK is her largest accomplishment to date. When you line up all the great breeding pieces in CAPTAIN BLACK’s pedigree, you get a resume of superb production value. He was selected as the $52,000 high seller and we feel his breeding potential has nothing but endless opportunities. Use CAPTAIN BLACK to increase marketability in your calf crop and keep every daughter of his to build a program around.

**With all the attributes CAPTAIN BLACK has to offer, we want to note that early reports are that he is calving very well with extra vigor in his calves, as they are up and nursing immediately after birth. Calf vigor is an important trait that often gets overlooked and Captain Black will add it!

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder RF Captain Black 430B Semen
Canada$50.00Alta GeneticsOrder
USA$50.00Alta GeneticsOrder USA Semen Online
Australia$50.00Alta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen Online

LFE Commissioner 811z

Sire: 3D BLK Full Throttle 483X
Dam: LFE BS Lass 189X
Registration Number: 792609
Owners: Rust Mountain View Ranch

Here is the high selling bull from the 2014 Lewis Farms Bull Sale! LFE COMMISSIONER 811Z has been a dominant herd sire for Rust Mountain View Ranch & Lewis Farms and we are excited to introduce him on to the open market. The muscle, stoutness, natural dimension, length and overall power blended with a thick hair coat and completeness catapults COMMISSIONER as a must use herd sire. Early reports are that he produces sons that are consistent in their type with extra mass and his daughters are every bit as good, if not stronger. His sire, Full Throttle has been a dominant breeder and worked over many programs. COMMISSIONER has all the attributes to carry on his sires breeding capabilities and will add foot soundness, maternal strength and overall presence to a consistent calf crop. Use COMMISSIONER with confidence as he is a true breeding piece that is bred to make an impact. Rust Mountain View Ranch just recently had a high selling COMMISSIONER daughter in the North Dakota State Sale for $12,500 to Windy Hill Livestock. He also sired a son in the 2016 Champion Pen of SimAngus Bulls at the NWSS for Rust. Whether it is sons or daughters he leaves you … COMMISSIONER works!

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder LFE Commissioner 811z Semen
Canada$70.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder
USA$48.00 USDAlta GeneticsOrder USA Semen Online

WS Revival

Sire: LLSF Uprising Z925
Dam: SS Noreen
Registration Number: 2913874
Owners: Revival Group

We are committed to sourcing the best genetics in the industry and here is an exciting sire– the $160,000 high selling bull from “The One” sale. WS REVIVAL was a sensation at the NWSS and garnered attention for his absolutely flawless phenotype in a baldy package. Sired by the popular Uprising bull, whose semen demands a premium and is not available in Canada, and off a Power Drive female that raised him at age 11. REVIVAL is so unique and extremely well balanced, smooth shouldered, and long necked. He is a sire that can be used to improve structure as he is clean jointed and sound. More than just a pretty picture, if you search his name online you will find an impressive YouTube video as a coming yearling that showcases his athleticism. REVIVAL is a thrilling addition that will complement and add further value to the type and kind of females available in the Canadian industry.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder WS Revival Semen
Canda$100.00Alta GeneticsOrder

Spring Creek Olympian 66A

Sire: Springcreek All In 155Y
Dam: Springcreek Linne 33R
Registration Number: 774968
Owners: Muirhead Cattle Co., Windy Hill Livestock & Canadian Sires
USA Semen Rights Owner: Rust Mountain View Ranch

USA Semen Rights Owner: Rust Mountain View Ranch

SPRING CREEK OLYMPIAN 66A was the feature and high selling bull from Spring Creek Simmentals and has escalated into a true breeding bull. OLYMPIAN is the power black-baldy bull that the breed has been looking for and combines all the tools to be a future great one. His outcross pedigree is proven and goes back to some of the most proven and strong maternal bloodlines in the business. His dam, Linnie 33R is a flawless donor that was a high selling Simmental cow in Canada in 2013 to Rancier Farms, Cedar Creek Simmentals and Canadian Donors. Her embryos just recently traded for $3,100 each and with her now deceased, OLYMPIAN is the main source to implement her pedigree into your program. When his impressive genotype is lined up with his powerful phenotype, it is a very complete combination. In OLYMPIAN’s first calf crop, he has just scratched the surface on the true impact he will make on the Simmental industry.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Spring Creek Olympian 66A Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
AustraliaContactAlta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen

Rust Breakthrough 4043

Sire: S A V Harvestor 0338
Dam: TNT Miss W31
Registration Number: 2922182
Owners: Harvie Ranching, Soderglen Ranch & Canadian Sires

RUST BREAKTHROUGH 4043 is one of the most impressive individuals that has ever been introduced to the Simmental breeding system. He has so much to offer in terms of a breeding piece and we feel he can be a large influence on improving each female he is mated to. The most astute and critical cattleman that have witnessed BREAKTHROUGH all agree that he is a unique individual that is unlike any others in terms of overall mass and power while still combining impressive style in a very sound and athletic package. We can’t emphasize enough the strength and completeness in BREAKTHROUGH’s phenotype for today and especially tomorrow’s type of cattle. His sire, Harvestor is one of the great breeding pieces in the world as he was a past SAV high seller at $275,000 (2/3 interest) and has been extremely dominant in producing high selling sons and daughters throughout the world. His dam, TNT Miss W31 is the high-selling female at Rust Mountain as she traded for $24,500 and is strong uddered, great footed in a very impressive stature. She is the type of female that you want your herd bull to be out of, she is highly productive and attractive all at the same time. When you study BREAKTHROUGH and combine a fault free phenotype with a complete EPD spread with an unparalleled genotype, you have a true breeding piece to build a program moving forward into the future.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Rust Breakthrough 4043 Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder
USA$50.00Cattle VisionsOrder

WFL Absolute 51Y

Sire: LFE Strait Up 454W
Dam: WFL MS Black Flash 8068U
Registration Number: 754744
Owners: Rancier Farms

What more do you want out of a sure fire calving ease heifer bull than what WFL ABSOLUTE 51Y is doing for the industry? Year in and year out he succeeds! He is a sleep easy, low birth sire that ranks in the top 1% for CE and top 2% for BW that has also produced many high selling progeny including a $35,000 daughter at Friday Night Lights. ABSOLUTE brings an outcross pedigree that includes many greats sires like 514N and Black Edge as well as the Amber cow family.  His dam is a leading Edge daughter from WFL that is hard working and structurally sound. ABSOLUTE is a hairy, long bodied bull, which is structurally sound and has lots of testicle. ABSOLUTE is a unique breeding piece as it is uncommon to find a calving ease sire that throws so much marketability and opportunity in his calves come sale time.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder WFL Absolute 51Y Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

NCB Cobra 47Y

Sire: LFE Viper 455U
Dam: NCB Miss Dream 22T
Registration Number: 755730
Owners: Deeg Simmentals, Lewis Farms and

Many astute breeders have claimed NCB COBRA 47Y to be one of the most under rated and highly productive sires within the Simmental breed today. He is a sire that flat out gets it done in a calving ease package (top 1% for HCE, CCE & MCE) that doesn’t sacrifice performance. He is one of the most complete calving ease Simmental bulls to surface in some time. His proven pedigree combined with his flawless presence makes him a truly unique breeding piece. COBRA will add maternal strength as he is backed by some of the most predictable cow families in the breed. Look to COBRA to strengthen foot structure and overall soundness while adding extra hair, depth of body and eye appeal in a very complete package. We value COBRA to improve phenotype and maternal power but we can’t forget he is one of the very best EPD bulls in existence … the numbers don’t lie here in the value that he carries.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder NCB Cobra 47Y Semen
Canada$40.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

FBF1/SF Ignition

Sire: FBF1 Combustible
Dam: FBF1 Georgous Lady
Registration Number: 2749323
Owners: Forest Brook Farms

Check out the results that IGNITION is pumping out, south of the border he is consistently topping sales and one of the only daughters to sell in Canada sold for $13,000 for Crossroad Farms. IGNITION is proving to be one of the strong calving ease bulls in the making that will add presence and popularity to all of his calves. IGNITION is packed with eye appeal and pedigree and is Combustible’s best son to date. IGNITION’s full sister, FBF1 Glorious Lady sold in Louisville for $51,000 valuation and is a future donor in the making.  Ignition’s grandam, JF Blackbird Lady has long been the cornerstone donor of the Forest Brook breeding program, producing many high quality and high selling bulls and females. Ignition’s dam, Gorgeous Lady’s first three progeny have sold for a combined valuation of over $100,000.  Ignition himself was Supreme Champion of the World Beef Expo as a calf.  Get in early on these exciting new genetics, IGNITION is sure to stamp them with the look to command attention in both the show and sale ring.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder FBF1/SF Ignition Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder

FBF1 Combustible

Sire: SVF Steel Force S701
Dam: Lazy H Burn Baby Burn
Registration Number: 2588018
Owners: Forest Brook Farms and Griswold Cattle Co.

COMBUSTIBLE has been an ideal cross for Canadian simmental cattle. In just his first calf crop in Canada, he topped the sale ring at the Agribition Simmental Sale with many high sellers throughout the country. He has been equally as dominant on the south side of the border as he produced the 2016 Reserve Champion Female at the National Western Stock Show. With the unmistakable style of Steel Force and the famous Burn Baby Burn backing him, COMBUSTIBLE it is no wonder why he lit the industry on fire. He combines a great pedigree and is the direct son of Burn Baby Burn, who recently sold for $45,000 at nine years of age in the Lazy H Dispersal. Arguably the stoutest Steel Force son in the breed, this majestic baldy is a striking combination of eye-catching elegance and real world functionality. His extraordinary structural soundness and ease of movement is made more impressive by his ideal bone mass, foot shape and muscle pattern. COMBUSTIBLE possesses tremendous power, capacity and rib shape, as well as an unmatched quiet disposition.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder FBF1 Combustible Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOder Canadian Semen Online

CNS-HFS Payload A330

Sire: CNS Pays to Dream T759
Dam: HPF Sheza Dandi Y909
Registration Number: 2747228
Owners: Schick Cattle Company

PAYLOAD is the sire to add structural quality, eye appeal, maternal strength, and calving ease to your next calf crop.  He is sired by the popular Pays to Dream bull who was well known on the show road as 2010 NWSS Reserve Champion and is now proven through his quality progeny that have topped sales.  However, potentially the most exciting part of PAYLOAD’s pedigree is the females that he is backed by, highlighted by his maternal granddam.  Sheza Dandi T46 is a feature donor for Hudson Pines whose progeny have highlighted their production sales.  Meanwhile PAYLOAD’s own dam produced him on her first try.  This young sire is an easy calving option that will surely improve the foot quality, structural correctness, and movement in a breeding program while also stamping progeny with attractive style.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder CNS-HFS Payload A330 Semen
Canada$50.00Alta GeneticsOrder

MRL Sterling Black 138Z

Sire: LCHMN Bright Light L122L
Dam: MRL Miss 403X
Registration Number: 773547
Owners: Westway Farms Ltd.

Calving ease, milking ability, maternal strength, foot quality, sound structure, above average performance, and an outcross pedigree are what MRL STERLING BLACK 138Z brings to the table. When seeking a versatile, fault free bull, MRL STERLING BLACK 138Z is the fresh pedigreed black bull that the industry has been looking for. His curve-bending EPDs combined with his strong maternal pedigree and impressive phenotype make him a popular choice. Westway selected STERLING BLACK 138Z from McMillen Ranching as one of the high sellers in 2013 and he has proven to be a very well rounded sire. He is in the top 3% for CE and top 35% for BW in the breed. His spread is impressive as he is also in the top 50% for WW and top 30% for YW.  His maternal attributes are top 25% for MCE, top 5% for MWWT, and top 3% for Milk and he also possesses excellent carcass data. When looking for a proven herd sire that brings it all together, put STERLING BLACK 138Z at the top of your list.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder MRL Sterling Black 138Z Semen
Canada$40.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder

RF Double Up 37W

Sire: SS Ebonys Intuition 802
Dam: TLG Flirtin With You
Registration Number: 708321
Owners: Rancier Farms & Ter Ron Farms

RF DOUBLE UP 37W is the maternal giant with a predictable pedigree filled with some of the hardest working, nicest uddered, consistent producing cows in the breed. His dam is in the Rancier donor program and was the 2008 National Champion female. His grand dam, Flirt 6P, was the 2006 National Champion Female as well as the 2006 World Simmental Congress Champion Female. DOUBLE UP sires dam, SOSF Ebony’s Joy, has well over a half million dollars in progeny sales and is one of the most famous cows in the breed. His sire, Intuition, proved his predictability siring very consistent calf crops and beautiful uddered females. DOUBLE UP’s sire and dam were both Supreme Champions over all breeds at the 2008 Farmfair International. DOUBLE UP is deep bodied, big topped, has great hair, big testicles and an unbeatable disposition. If you are looking for a sire to put it all together and improve udder quality, DOUBLE UP is the sure thing.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder RF Double Up 37W Semen
Canada$40.00Alta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

CSCX Bandwagon 513A

Sire: TJSC Optimus Prime 12W
Dam: KLS Diamond W516
Registration Number: 2757819 (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Griswold Cattle Co, Minaert Show Cattle, Paulsen Show Cattle and Campbell Show Cattle

7/8 SimAngus ::
BANDWAGON is the type of bull we all try to recreate every year when we line up pedigrees in the breeding barn. Seldom do you find a herd sire with this much substance, look, and quality. His dam, KLS Diamond was the Grand Champion PB Female 2011 NWSS. He has escalated to siring the most sought after show cattle in the USA but has also proven to be a performance sire as he is in the top 3% for WW and top 10% for YW. Looks and style run deep, with the power and pedigree to take you to the top, jump on boys it’s going to be a heck of ride!

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder CSCX Bandwagon 513A Semen
Canada$50.00Alta GeneticsOrder

GCC Whizard 125W 

Sire: SVF Steel Force S701
Dam: Miss Chill 1829
Registration Number: 2511023 (Click to view pedigree)
Owners: Griswold Cattle Co, J Land Cattle Co, Gray Show Cattle & Guyer Cattle Co.

3/4 SimAngus ::
A calving ease option with extra style and presence! Currently in the top 3% for CE & BW, use WHIZARD with confidence in the heifer pen and keep every female as he is stacked with maternal power. A perfect blend of Steel Force with the dam of Cerveza that offers power, volume, eye appeal and excellent maternal traits. WHIZARD’s a multi-faceted sire that can work in the percentage Simmie, Club Calf or commercial arenas. With his baldy face, his head turning style, and the greatness of pedigree on top and bottom, this all makes WHIZARD a must use sire for the coming year.


Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder GCC Whizard 125W  Semen
Canada$30.00Alta GeneticsOrder

Red Simmental

WFL Westcott 24C

Sire: TNT 90 Proof Z401
Dam: WFL Sweet Licious 1044X
Registration Number: 1142050
Owners: Quinn Wilson & Canadian Sires

WFL WESTCOTT 24C was the dominant bull that sold in 2016 for $165,000. His semen has been marketed exclusively but will be on the open market in 2018!

Qualified ForLocation of Semen
CanadaAlta Genetics

WHF Milestone B011 “Limitless”

Sire: JF Milestone 999W
Dam: WHF Sierra 245S (CNS DREAM ON L186)
Registration Number: 2989481
Owners: Canadian Sires


Finally, the red calving-ease bull with a stacked maternal pedigree comes to us with WHF MILESTONE B011 … we call him LIMITLESS! With a 74 lbs birthweight, LIMITLESS has real-world potential and truly is the sire we have been seeking for many years to improve many important traits. Look to LIMITLESS to add maternal strength while improving foot quality, soundness, scrotal (43cm at 15 months) and overall marketability in his calf crop. He was the high selling bull from the 2016 Bulls of the Bluegrass Sale and we feel his potential breeding abilities are endless. His pedigree is stacked and is a full brother to the famous Alley 247Y, who was the NAILE Grand Champion Female. On our many trips south, Alley 247Y still remains a favourite donor in the Simmental industry and her progeny are consistent high sellers for HPF. The lineage that backs LIMITLESS represents the very best in the Simmental industry, invest with confidence.

Qualified ForLocation of SemenOrder WHF Milestone B011 “Limitless” Semen
Canada10 for $750 :: 30 for $1,800 :: 50 for $2,500Order

Erixon High Roller 143B

Sire: Erixon Dealer 63Z
Dam: Erixon Lady 133U
Registration Number: 1116269
Owners: Hannah Simmentals & Canadian Sires

ERIXON HIGH ROLLER 143B is a cherry red, belly dragger herd sire that will add hair, body dimension, structural correctness, performance, style and maternal strength to his calf crop. His sire, Dealer may be the most consistent breeding bulls in today’s industry and has left his mark as a bull of the future. The Dealer sons and daughters topped the Erixon and Bonchuk sales and he has proven to be an important breeding piece for their programs. When you combine Dealer with the maternal Crocket x Jalapeño combination on the bottom side, a stacked pedigree has been created that is sure to add consistency and marketability. HIGH ROLLER was a high selling red bull in the spring of 2015 and he is one of the most exciting cherry red herd sires to be offered on the open market in some time.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Erixon High Roller 143B Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder
USA$50.00 USDAlta GeneticsOrder USA Semen Online
Australian$70.00Alta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen Online

NUG Royal Red 324A

Sire: LFE Black Lakota 385W
Dam: Triple C Smarty Pants R
Registration Number: 791329
Owners: Meadow Acres & Canadian Sires
USA Semen Rights Owner: Rust Mountain View Ranch

The hottest red bull in the Simmental breed the last couple years is NUG ROYAL RED 324A and for good reasons! His first calf crop has passed all expectations as he raised a $54,000 son for Robb, $28,000 daughter for Maxwell, $20,000 bred for Meadow Acres, $18,000 daughter and $24,000 CWA SR Bull Calf Champion for Erixon. ROYAL RED was the high selling red Simmental in the spring of 2014 for $67,000 to Meadow Acres and Canadian Sires. When Maxwell’s told us that they had a red bull that they were very proud at a young age, we knew he was one to follow. ROYAL RED is one of the most exciting red bulls to come by in some time and is an impressive individual that is backed by a strong cow family and strong EPD’s. His dam, Smarty Pants was a high seller in the Remington Dispersal and is a proven donor cow that is backed by maternal strength. ROYAL RED is very well balanced in his phenotype; he is soft middled and will add overall style, scrotal, muscling and character to his calves. ROYAL RED is a special individual and he has proven to have all the tools to make a huge impact on any program.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder NUG Royal Red 324A Semen
Canada$70.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
AustraliaContactAlta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen

MRC Investor 60B

Sire: Mr Hoc Broker
Dam: Twin Chief Tahiti 60T
Registration Number: 1127175
Owners: Erixon Simmentals & Canadian Sires

Every great herd sire needs a great dam and MRC INVESTOR 60B has an outstanding mother and cow family backing him.  INVESTOR stems from one of the strongest Twin Chief cows in existence – an absolute tank of a female with a perfect udder, huge top, extra body and square hip in a very low maintenance and easy keeping profile. We have been seeking a red Broker son for some time and we feel that INVESTOR is the answer we have been waiting for. Not only is he backed by generations of predictability in his pedigree, he has the natural presence of a true breeding herd bull. INVESTOR was a many time division champion in the show ring for M&R and has matured into an impressive herd sire that will add extension through the front end with stoutness, natural muscling, and sound structure. Whether it is sons or daughters INVESTOR produces, he is a sire that can be very versatile in producing progeny to add value to your calf crop.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder MRC Investor 60B Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder

Come As U R Red Rocket

Sire: MRL 130Y
Dam: Miss Xciting 14X
Registration Number: 783573
Owners: Rust Mountain View Ranch & Canadian Sires

Recently producing the $100,000 MRL Missile, RED ROCKET bred beyond everyones wildest expectations and put a cork in the critics as he is proving himself as an important breeding piece for red Simmental genetics moving forward. He has matured into an impressive herd bull that is athletically covering upwards to 110 cows in 2 breeding seasons at Rust Mountain View Ranch and does so on a sound, square, deep hoof that has never been touched. Every progressive breeder that saw the mature RED ROCKET along side his absolutely awesome sons and daughters at Rust’s immediately ordered semen on this impressive herd sire. He also sired the Grand Champion Bull and King of the Ring Champion at Lloydminster Ag-Ex for Erixon Simmentals and that is just the beginning of what he is sure to accomplish within the breed. RED ROCKET’s consistency is unmatched among herd sires as he continually leaves depth, hair, stoutness, muscle, testicle, hip and overall power in his sons and his daughters are the type to build a program around. He is one of the most intriguing red bulls to come by for some time as he was the high selling Simmental in the fall of 2013 for $87,500 and was declared the Grand Champion Bull at both the Canadian Western Agribition and Brandon Ag-Ex. The quest to find an outcross red bull that is still backed by a great cow family and powerful phenotype easily leads to Red Rocket. If you are in the market to raise bulls for the most astute and critical cattleman, RED ROCKET is the answer!

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Come As U R Red Rocket Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
AustraliaContactAlta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen

KWA Big Time 86A

Sire: MRL Integrity 76Y
Dam: Double Bar D Pixie 75T
Registration Number: 794111
Owners: Deeg Simmentals, Lewis Farms & Canadian Sires
USA Semen Rights Owner: Rust Mountain View Ranch

You can tell the true breeding value of KWA BIG TIME 86A when every breeder who used him in the first breeding season immediately ordered more semen after seeing calves hit the ground and develop. BIG TIME is proving to consistently produce sought after calves and has been referred to as the red version of his sire, MRL Integrity or grandsire, Predator – which is nearly impossible to find. After viewing his dam, Pixie 75T, we were impressed with her udder quality, overall balance and strong production record. BIG TIME is an impressive individual that has a unique ability to combine thickness and natural muscling in a very deep, soft made package while remaining very sound on the move. His heavy hair coat, large testicles and added overall performance make him a true breeding piece.  Also check out his strong EPD profile that solidifies BIG TIME as a herd sire that will be around for a long time.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder KWA Big Time 86A Semen
Canada$40.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
AustraliaContactAlta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen

R Plus Reload 2006Z

Sire: R Plus Hard Rock 145X
Dam: IPU Red Baroness 1T
Registration Number: 775135
Owners: Westway Farms Ltd., Springer Simmentals, R Plus Simmentals

To say, R PLUS RELOAD 2006Z is making an impact on the Simmental industry is an understatement. What he has accomplished in a short period is truly impressive as his first sons and daughters were the high sellers for Westway Farms in recent sales, including a bull at $46,000 son to Maxwell Simmentals and a $37,000 daughter to Deeg, Sunny Valley & Canadian Donors. He was the past $65,000 sale feature and high seller in the R Plus Sale to Westway Farms Ltd. & Springer Simmentals. RELOAD packs it all together with the phenotype, proven pedigree and strong set of EPD’s combined into a very complete package. His sire, Hard Rock was a past high seller who represents an outcross pedigree and has sired some heavy muscled and big-topped cattle. His dam, IPU 1T is a beautiful Baron daughter that was selected from the renowned Labatte program. RELOAD himself has the overall balance to sire offspring with extra hair, style, stoutness, muscle, length and structural soundness to be show and sale toppers.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder R Plus Reload 2006Z Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
AustraliaContactAlta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen

Rust Bull 66Z

Registration Number: 797500
Owners: Harvie Ranching & Rust Mountain View Ranch

RUST BULL 66Z raised 4 daughters that sold in the fall of 2016 for a gross of $58,750 … the guesswork is proven in the true breeding potential of this sire! He has been the mainstay calving ease bull for Harvie Ranching’s heifer pen and was selected on his proven pedigree and impressive phenotype to add consistency and marketability to their calf crop. 66Z is a direct son of the great TNT Miss Sadie M68 who is a model Simmental female that is impossible to fault. Her long production record is second to none and her largest accomplishments to date are producing TNT Top Gun R244, Rust Miss 287Z and many high selling progeny for TNT and Rust. 66Z’s sire, “Teddy” 131L is a potent breeding piece that has changed the Simmental industry as he has produced such greats as 680S, Red Teddy 457P, Ranch Hand, Black Bear 79S and many more. “Teddy” 131L semen is in low supply and in high demand as it has recently brought $1,000+ per dose. RUST BULL 66Z is stacked in pedigree and is an impressive individual to view with his length, muscle, extension, stoutness and dark red hair coat. Truly a versatile herd bull that can be used to improve a cross section of Simmental females.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Rust Bull 66Z Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder

Muirheads Lights Out 4Y

Sire: TCF/RCC Temptation GJ640
Dam: 3D Miss Black Good 211S
Registration Number: 749239
Owners: Westway Farms Ltd.

MUIRHEADS LIGHTS OUT 4Y was the $41,000 high seller that represents an outcross red package that puts it all together. His dam, 211S has generated over $150,000 in sales and LIGHTS OUT has been her highest accomplishment to date. His sire, Temptation is notorious for his excellent maternal strength and leaving the most beautiful udders in the breed. LIGHTS OUT will add a dark red hair coat, extension through the front end, softness of rib and flank, muscle shape and overall thickness over his top. He is sound footed, clean jointed and has left excellent bull & heifer calves in his first calf crop. After combining all that with his solid set of EPDs, look to LIGHTS OUT to be a sire that is around for a very long time.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Muirheads Lights Out 4Y Semen
Canada$40.00Alta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Fullblood Simmental


Sire: Sibelle Spartacus 8A
Dam: Cossroad Yarlene 380Y
Registration Number: 1135966
Owners: Mark Land & Cattle, Spring Lake & Canadian Sires

CROSSROAD SUBARU 73C was all the craze at the 2016 Crossroad Bull Sale as he became the high seller at $37,000. He truly does have it all and is one of the most exciting Simmental packages we have come by. SUBARU is impressive to view with his exceptional length, muscle, stoutness, rib shape, structural correctness, large testicles, sound foot and overall color and pigmentation. As much as we admired him physically, we feel his pedigree may be his strongest attributes. His sire, Spartacus needs no introduction as he is a potent breeding piece and SUBARU’S dam is our main attraction to him with her beautiful udder, strong foot and structure with an overall maternal, productive look about her. We have a lot of confidence in SUBARU and the impact he will have on the industry today and moving forward.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder CROSSROAD SUBARU 73C Semen
Canada$70.00Alta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Fleckvieh Simmental


Sire: Virginia Maximus
Dam: Anchor D Ziley 392Z
Registration Number: 1144447
Owners: Ferme Gagnon & Canadian Sires

ANCHOR D RAPTOR 392C is an extraordinary breeding piece that is stacked with phenotype, genotype and curve-bending EPD’s. This $60,000 high seller has the making to be a breeding legend as he is backed by an awesome dam and granddam who carbon copy each other with udder strength, structure, foot quality, pigmentation and overall attractiveness in a very maternal power package. RAPTOR himself is an impressive individual and is near impossible to fault as sires like him don’t come by often. With all he has to offer, he is a Polled 100% Full Fleckvieh to boot!

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder ANCHOR D RAPTOR 392C Semen
Canada$70.00/DoseAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Sibelle Dirty Harry 25Z

Sire: Virginia Walker 97W
Dam: Sibelle Golda
Registration Number: 764250
Owners: Ferme B.M.S. & Canadian Sires

DIRTY HARRY has proven to produce sons and daughters that are every bit as impressive that he is himself. He is one of the most intriguing sires we have ever come across in some time and feel that he will be a very influential sire for years to come. He was purchased as the high seller out of the historic Prospect Hill Dispersal. His first set of calves was highly sought after and he is a true breeding herd sire. The first DIRTY HARRY progeny averaged over $8,100 in the Prospect Hill Dispersal, which is $2,500 more than the average on other sire groups PLUS a son topped the Ferme Gagnon Bull Sale at $61,000 to Anchor D Ranch. The performance, style and overall marketability that he adds to his offspring are very hard to come by in a true herd sire.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Sibelle Dirty Harry 25Z Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online

Starwest Pol Blueprint

Sire: Anchor "T" Rusty 59G
Dam: PHS Homozygous Xceptional
Registration Number: 800548
Owners: Rust Mountain View Ranch & Canadian Sires

BLUEPRINT has done all you could ask out of a young sire and more! His first daughters at auction commanded $30,000 and $22,000 and he increases value in the shear marketability he bring to his calf crops. We have traveled many miles to find a Polled Full Fleckvieh that has the stoutness, natural muscle, rib shape and overall dimension in a herd bull package while still being backed by great genetics. His sire, Anchor T Rusty has been a consistent producer and to find a polled son of BLUEPRINT’s quality is very special. The dam, PHS Homozygous Exceptional is a young and proven cornerstone female who also raised a past $17,000 high selling female. BLUEPRINT’s EPD profile is very impressive as he is in the top rankings for all important traits. BLUEPRINT is a rare find and will have a huge impact on the Simmental industry, as he is as unique and complete of a Polled Full Fleckvieh that we can design.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder Starwest Pol Blueprint Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
USA$50.00 USDCattle VisionsOrder USA Semen Online

Sunny Valley Dakota 9Z

Sire: Anchor D Viper 103W
Dam: South Seven Miss 53X
Registration Number: 771392
Owners: Tim McVicar, Lakeview Simmentals & Canadian Sires

SUNNY VALLEY DAKOTA 9Z was the high selling fullblood bull at Sunny Valley’s 2013 bull sale and is now proving to be a great producer.  DAKOTA 9Z hit the ground at just 86 lbs, and weaned off his two-year-old mother at 900 lbs and continued to develop into a stout, smooth made bull with a big top and a lot of muscle shape. DAKOTA 9Z is clean in his lines, gets out and moves on a big solid foot.  He was mothered by an awesome young cow with a tremendous future, who has an awesome udder. She is proving to be a great producer and has raised an awesome son to Double G Simmentals and a female retained within the Sunny Valley herd.  With Viper now deceased, these genetics are hard to come by.  DAKOTA 9Z is smooth polled but has the thickness and performance of a horned bull.  Here is a bull that we feel has a lot to offer to the industry.

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Canada$40.00Alta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
AustraliaContactAlta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen
USA$40.00Alta GeneticsOrder USA Semen

FGAF Passport 125B

Sire: FGAF Epic Meal 948Z
Dam: FGAF Upola 728X
Registration Number: 801499
Owners: Sunny Valley Simmentals & Canadian Sires

FGAF PASSPORT 125B is a maternal giant as he is backed by many of the great Fullblood genetics in the industry. The maternal strength and overall predictability that PASSPORT offers is very impressive. His dam, FGAF Upola 728X is a beautiful uddered and very productive young female that also raised the 2014 NAILE Reserve Champion Female. The Upola cow family will have a large impact on the Gagnon program and PASSPORT is their largest accomplishment to date. His sire, FGAF Epic Meal 948Z is a deep-pedigreed power bull that is used successfully to add muscle, stoutness and pigmentation. His EPD’s are outstanding and is considered a true curve-bending sire. Look for PASSPORT to leave strong females with marketable bull calves that are above average performance with adequate calving ease.

Qualified ForCDN PriceLocation of SemenOrder FGAF Passport 125B Semen
Canada$50.00 CADAlta GeneticsOrder Canadian Semen Online
AustraliaContactAlta GeneticsOrder Australian Semen Online
USA$60/StrawAlta GeneticsOrder USA Semen