Erixon High Roller 143B

ERIXON HIGH ROLLER 143B is a cherry red, belly dragger herd sire that will add hair, body dimension, structural correctness, performance, style and maternal strength to his calf crop. His sire, Dealer may be the most consistent breeding bulls in today’s industry and has left his mark as a bull of the future. The Dealer sons and daughters topped the Erixon and Bonchuk sales and he has proven to be an important breeding piece for their programs. When you combine Dealer with the maternal Crocket x Jalapeño combination on the bottom side, a stacked pedigree has been created that is sure to add consistency and marketability. HIGH ROLLER was a high selling red bull in the spring of 2015 and he is one of the most exciting cherry red herd sires to be offered on the open market in some time.