KWA Big Time 86A

You can tell the true breeding value of KWA BIG TIME 86A when every breeder who used him in the first breeding season immediately ordered more semen after seeing calves hit the ground and develop. BIG TIME is proving to consistently produce sought after calves and has been referred to as the red version of his sire, MRL Integrity or grandsire, Predator – which is nearly impossible to find. After viewing his dam, Pixie 75T, we were impressed with her udder quality, overall balance and strong production record. BIG TIME is an impressive individual that has a unique ability to combine thickness and natural muscling in a very deep, soft made package while remaining very sound on the move. His heavy hair coat, large testicles and added overall performance make him a true breeding piece.  Also check out his strong EPD profile that solidifies BIG TIME as a herd sire that will be around for a long time.