MRL Sterling Black 138Z

Calving ease, milking ability, maternal strength, foot quality, sound structure, above average performance, and an outcross pedigree are what MRL STERLING BLACK 138Z brings to the table. When seeking a versatile, fault free bull, MRL STERLING BLACK 138Z is the fresh pedigreed black bull that the industry has been looking for. His curve-bending EPDs combined with his strong maternal pedigree and impressive phenotype make him a popular choice. Westway selected STERLING BLACK 138Z from McMillen Ranching as one of the high sellers in 2013 and he has proven to be a very well rounded sire. He is in the top 3% for CE and top 35% for BW in the breed. His spread is impressive as he is also in the top 50% for WW and top 30% for YW.  His maternal attributes are top 25% for MCE, top 5% for MWWT, and top 3% for Milk and he also possesses excellent carcass data. When looking for a proven herd sire that brings it all together, put STERLING BLACK 138Z at the top of your list.