NCB Cobra 47Y

Many astute breeders have claimed NCB COBRA 47Y to be one of the most under rated and highly productive sires within the Simmental breed today. He is a sire that flat out gets it done in a calving ease package (top 1% for HCE, CCE & MCE) that doesn’t sacrifice performance. He is one of the most complete calving ease Simmental bulls to surface in some time. His proven pedigree combined with his flawless presence makes him a truly unique breeding piece. COBRA will add maternal strength as he is backed by some of the most predictable cow families in the breed. Look to COBRA to strengthen foot structure and overall soundness while adding extra hair, depth of body and eye appeal in a very complete package. We value COBRA to improve phenotype and maternal power but we can’t forget he is one of the very best EPD bulls in existence … the numbers don’t lie here in the value that he carries.