RF Captain Black 430B

Homozygous Polled :: Homozygous Black ::
Combining big-time performance with extra maternal strength is no easy task but CAPTAIN BLACK accomplishes that rather successfully. We all strive to acquire the next breeding tool that can sire desirable sons that perform heavily and also produce daughters who will be stand out replacement females … CAPTAIN BLACK fits the bill to do exactly that! He stems from 2 of the most dominant individuals in Canada and represents a never-miss pedigree. His sire, Captain Morgan is the $190,000 breeding sensation that is currently off the open semen market and has recently sold for $725/dose. His dam, Flirtin With You 16S is the cornerstone of the Rancier program and is one of the most potent breeding sensations in the Simmental breed today. Her line-up of accomplishments is surreal to say the least and CAPTAIN BLACK is her largest accomplishment to date. When you line up all the great breeding pieces in CAPTAIN BLACK’s pedigree, you get a resume of superb production value. He was selected as the $52,000 high seller and we feel his breeding potential has nothing but endless opportunities. Use CAPTAIN BLACK to increase marketability in your calf crop and keep every daughter of his to build a program around.

**With all the attributes CAPTAIN BLACK has to offer, we want to note that early reports are that he is calving very well with extra vigor in his calves, as they are up and nursing immediately after birth. Calf vigor is an important trait that often gets overlooked and Captain Black will add it!