Soo Line Motive 9016

SOO LINE MOTIVE 9016 is one of the most consistent Angus bulls in the breeds history. The marketability that he adds to every calf is second to none compared to other bulls within the breed. MOTIVE 9016 was the lead bull in Soo Line’s 2010 NWSS Grand Champion Pen of Bulls and later went on to sell for $55,000 (1/2 interest) in the Bases Loaded Sale. MOTIVE boasts curve-bending EPD’s with a large spread from calving to yearling along with many other trait leaders. The phenotype that he has passed onto his calves is second to none; they have great extension with a smooth shoulder while possessing as much rib capacity, overall shape and stoutness as one can find in a calving ease sire. His big hoof, structural soundness, unmatched style and leaving his daughters with beautiful udders targets him as a great one within the industry. His dam, TLA Beauty 5R brought $45,000 to ZWT and is one of the most dominant cows in the industry while his sire, Kodiak sold for $150,000 and has been a dominant breeding piece. MOTIVE has left an impression in a few short years and the impact that he will leave into the future is probing to be unmatched. Check out his impressive EPD spread that compliments his consistent and highly marketable offspring. ORDER MOTIVE SEMEN TODAY TO QUALIFY FOR THE MOTIVE EVENT ON AUGUST 25, 2017!