TKCC CARVER 65C has created a lot of excitement and energy, and it is to no surprise!! Phenotypically he is superior, as he exemplifies the quality traits that his lineage has been praised for. The $34,000 high selling bull in the recent Kearns Cattle Company Bull Sale. His list of accolades continues, as he was the lead off bull in the dominant 2016 NWSS Grand Champion Pen of Three Simmental Bulls. CARVER offers an unsurpassed look of balance, stoutness, and a flawless build. Let’s not forget that he comes from one of the most prominent and prolific Driver daughters in existence! His dam, Dolly, has become a household name due to her ability to generate multiple 5-figure herd sire prospects from an array of matings, while putting countless daughters back into production at Kearns Cattle Company. CARVER combines royalty on both sides of his pedigree, with consistency, predictability and most importantly, phenotypic excellence bred throughout. Use him to generate females that enhance your bottom-line, and bulls that excel in all facets of the business. Lean on CARVER to stamp his progeny with that unprecedented three-dimensional look that is demanded!