WS Revival

We are committed to sourcing the best genetics in the industry and here is an exciting sire– the $160,000 high selling bull from “The One” sale. WS REVIVAL was a sensation at the NWSS and garnered attention for his absolutely flawless phenotype in a baldy package. Sired by the popular Uprising bull, whose semen demands a premium and is not available in Canada, and off a Power Drive female that raised him at age 11. REVIVAL is so unique and extremely well balanced, smooth shouldered, and long necked. He is a sire that can be used to improve structure as he is clean jointed and sound. More than just a pretty picture, if you search his name online you will find an impressive YouTube video as a coming yearling that showcases his athleticism. REVIVAL is a thrilling addition that will complement and add further value to the type and kind of females available in the Canadian industry.