WS STEPPING STONE B44 is hands down one of the most exciting sires to enter the Simmental herd book. The breeding potential is endless with this flawless made sire, his curve-bending EPD’s combined with one of the most impressive phenotypes ensures you to invest with confidence. Early reports on STEPPING STONE are as positive and encouraging as I have ever heard. We have the utmost confidence in Stepping Stone and so does the owner, Gib Yardley, this is what he wrote about him:

“This is one of the best purebred Simmental bulls I have ever seen. I am 82 years old and have seen as many bulls as anyone in the country. I am one of the fussiest bull buyers in America and a bull has to be about perfect for me to buy him. This fancy bull is so deep ribbed, square hipped, full of muscle and red meat. He is big topped, wide based, clean fronted, and clean sheathed. He is very sound on his feet and legs and carries himself well. He has a topnotch set of EPD’s and is a HERD BULL SUPREME. Out of a 1st calf heifer and the great WS Step Up X27. “ – Gib Yardley